Howard GutmanHoward Gutman will be delivering a speech at the European Automotive Industry Forum in Lille, France on November 14, 2013. The speech will focus on the current state of the automotive industry and the future that lies ahead.

The European Automotive Industry Forum is a full day event that is sponsored by the stakeholders of the automotive industry in Northern France. “Lille Region” is at the heart of the European automotive market and the 2nd automotive region in France.

The conference is addressed to: Manufacturers and suppliers, General Directors, Head and Directors for Operations, Sales, Marketing, Innovation, R&D, industry, technique, research, finance, risks assessments, logistics, Human Resources, information and communication, European and national actors in the car industry and in the European car policies, European and national actors in the e-mobility, European and national actors in renewable energy and green mobility, European, national and local governments and whoever is involved and interested in the topics.

The conference comes at an interesting time as the international automotive industry is starting to see a resurgence, especially in North America. Europe is still feeling the looming affects of the recession, but many believe the European economy is stabilizing and will only continue to grow.