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Howard Gutman on Reyers Laat

I was recently a guest on a leading Belgian television talk show, Reyers Laat. I think it was a good appearance (in English) as I received several congratulatory texts and emails the next morning, including from senior officials. It let me cover many topics, including the “spying” issue, and I was particularly glad finally to get to publicly discuss the nonsense at the end of the Ambassadorship. With people now (in hindsight) having fully realized for many reasons that it had no substance, including that State never had any problem and that I served my full term for two more months and represented the U.S. even at the invocation of the King, there seems now to be a pushback of support for the difficult time I received at the time from the press. Reyes Laat ends by calling me Ambassador for Life. I think you will enjoy the clip: