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Doing Good While Doing Well

I am writing to ask a small favor. Please watch the latest short youtube from Work America (my son Collin’s 2 year start-up). It is found here:

And then ask yourself how often do we get to make a difference? How often do we see 7 young people (Collin’s workforce at WorkAmerica so far) follow their entrepreneurial spirit to make a difference, help solve a social need in a sustainable model (rather than simply handing out money to community colleges), while perhaps also securing significant returns for their investors?

And then, if you are in a position to make a social entrepreneurial investment, please email me or Collin for a copy of WorkAmerica’s current deck.

Perhaps reach out to Governor Hogan, or to your Governor, and to Tom Perez and others in the administration to help support the model.

And please pass on the link so others can know.